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Rental Properties

All Rental Properties must be registered with the City. Please contact the City Clerk at  to register your property.

Westwood Hills City Ordinances (Approved 2012) Complete

WWH Ordinance 278 Standard Traffic Ordinance 2019

WWH Ordinance 279 Uniform Public Offense Code 2019

Ordinance #276 - Non Discrimination

Westwood Hills City Ordinances

If you are planning renovations or additions to the interior or exterior of your house, or even major landscaping, please check with the Building Official or City Clerk to determine whether Building Permits are required. Permit applications are subject to approval by the Planning Commission and Building Official.

Some important ordinances to keep in mind:

Burning of trash, lawn refuse, leaves, grass or any material outdoors is strictly prohibited.

The City maintains a minimum property standards code that stipulates care and maintenance of all residential dwellings within the City limits.

Removal of diseased or dead trees is the homeowner's responsibility. City ordinance provides that if this obligation is not met promptly, the City may remove the tree(s) in question and bill the homeowner for costs incurred.

Dogs frightening people or causing disturbances are required to be penned, restrained or removed from the City. Animals being walked are required by law to be leashed.

The creek is private property and is owned by each homeowner through whose property it runs. Maintenance of the creek is the responsibility of the individual homeowner.